How RAKU is made

Here is how raku ceramic is made. Like with normal ceramics Raku needs two fires to be made. The first fire is as if we were making “standard” ceramics. The second fire is different because pieces are taken out of the oven when the temperature is at its maximum. This means that when the pieces are taken out of the oven they are still  fire red. Here is a picture by picture explanation of the raku making process.


This is our raku ceramic oven which we use for the first fire as well as the second one. In the above picture our oven is used to carry out a first fire.


This is the result of te first fire. Itis now necessary to take out the pieces and paint them using raku colors. These colors are basically oxides and glazes.


The pieces have been colored are are now back in the oven ready for the second fire (the raku one).

As soon as the temperature is close to 900C, we open the oven and use a long clamp to take the red pieces out of it. Pieces are so hot that they are red.


Still held with the clamp, the pieces are quickly put in a hole we dug before on the ground. The hole had also been filled with either paper or dry leaves. As soon as the  content of the hole starts to burn, we cover the hole with a metallic object. Fire is still present in the container but only for a short amount of time. As soon as oxigen runs out the oxides used to paint the objects are reduces. The obtained result is those wonderful raku shining effects.